Special Projects

Special Projects

We realize that all clients have small, unusual or challenging projects and these are a great way to start or maintain a relationship. We have expanded this group to be able to offer an expedited response to a variety of unique facility needs on projects of any size while maintaining the professional level of service associated with Hill & Wilkinson.

The Special Projects Division at Hill & Wilkinson was born one day in the early 1990s when Greg Wilkinson answered the phone and found a distressed facilities manager from a local airline on the other end. Greg had called on this client previously but they had working relationships with several large contractors. A storm had blown through the airport and damaged several of their large aircraft doors, but his contractors were not interested in such a small repair project. We jumped at the opportunity and 63 projects later we continue to work for this client on projects both large and small.

Special Projects

Examples of project types/scope:

  • Emergency Response – Weather / Accidents / MEP Failures
  • Site Work - Repairs / Upgrades / Expansions
  • Structural Repairs – Damage / Soil Movement / Slab Failures
  • Building Facade – Maintenance / Repairs / Upgrades / Waterproofing
  • Interior Finish Out – Completion of Shell Space
  • Interior Renovations – Conversions of Occupied Spaces
  • MEP Systems – T&B / Repairs / Upgrades / Controls / Capacity Upgrades
  • Building Maintenance – Site / Roof / MEP
  • Historical Renovation – Preservation / Conversion
  • Facility Rebranding / Repurposing – Interior / Exterior
  • External/Internal Expansions - Office / Process / Clinical / Institutional
  • Millwright Services – Decommissioning, Transport, Setting and Startup of Process Equipment
  • Process Equipment - Foundations / Pits / Trenches / MEP Connections / Utility Upgrades

Types of services offered:

  • Design Build
  • Laser Scanning/Mapping of Existing Facilities
  • UAV/Drone Surveillance/Videos
  • Facility Assessment
  • MEP Analysis/Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance Coordination
  • Insurance Documentation/Repairs

Contract Options

  • Design Build
  • Design Assist
  • Open Book GMP
  • T&M
  • Ongoing Services Agreement

Project Sizes:

  • Approximately $19,000,000 in 2015
  • Average project size of $250,000.
  • Projects range from $1,000 to $5,000,000