The evolution of technology and the extraordinary concerns that ushered in the twenty-first century demand ever increasing adaptation for aviation facilities. Hill & Wilkinson understands the challenge and has met the diverse construction demands of active airfield and terminal operations. Our diverse experience includes aircraft maintenance hangars, flight simulator training centers, FOB's, terminal gate enhancements, airfield improvements and support space for baggage handling.

L-3 Communications Building 645   More »

CAE Simuflite   More »

Jet Aviation - Multiple Projects   More »
Confidential Aerospace Manufacturing Facility
Confidential Aerospace Manufacturing Facility   More »
Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport - North Retail Counter
Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport   More »
Allied Aviation Jet A Fuel Load Rack Terminal D
Allied Aviation Jet A Fuel Load Rack Terminal D   More »
SWA Flight Sim
Southwest Airlines Flight Simulator   More »
Southwest Airlines Hangar 3/4/5
Southwest Airlines Hangar 3/4/5   More »