We have three full time commissioning professionals on staff.

The Commissioning Process is a quality-oriented process for achieving, verifying and documenting that the performance of facilities, systems and assemblies meets defined objectives and criteria. The Commissioning Process begins at project inception (during the pre-design phase) and continues for the life of the facility through the occupancy and operation phase.

Commissioning Objectives

  • Clearly document Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Provide documentation and tools to improve the quality of deliverables
  • Verify and document that systems and assemblies perform according to the Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Verify that operation and maintenance personnel and occupants are properly trained
  • Provide a uniform and effective process for delivery of construction projects
  • Deliver buildings and construction projects that meet the Owner’s needs at the time of completion
  • Implement statistical quality-verification practices, with the use of statistical quality control
  • Verify proper coordination among systems and assemblies