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Career Fair Meet & Greets

Every year, H&W veteran employees look forward to returning to their alma maters and visiting with students who are considering careers in construction. Our recruiting trips span the country and target students who are pursuing degrees in everything from construction management to business. Check out our schedule for the coming year and make plans to come and see us!

Come See Us!

Southern Methodist University
Sept 11
The University of Texas at Austin
Sept 11-12
Texas A&M University
Sept 13-14
Oklahoma State University
Sept 18
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Sept 18
Texas Tech University
Sept 19
Northern Michigan University
Sept 20
University of Oklahoma
Sept 20
University of Louisiana at Monroe
Sept 26
Arizona State University
Sept 25-27
North Dakota State University
Sept 26
Texas State University
Sept 27
Louisiana Tech University
Sept 27
Texas A&M at Commerce
Oct 11
Auburn University
Oct 3-4
Sam Houston State University
Oct 3

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Meet Jared Ricker

H&W Project Executive

Alma Mater
Sam Houston State University
Time with H&W
10 Years
How did you become interested in a career in construction?
I actually went to SHSU for their criminal justice program and changed my major to construction management. I have always worked with my hands and enjoyed problem solving. In construction, no two projects are identical and you never know what you're going to build next.
What is your favorite thing about what you do?
I love the opportunity to leave things better than when we found them. Whether that means building a new project, assisting with the design, a remodel or training personnel, I enjoy finding more efficient ways of doing things and improving processes.
What advice would you give someone who is just starting their career?
Do what you say you are going to do. Make personal connections and treat everyone you interact with honestly and fairly as you would want to be treated.